Applications for National and Global MIKE Awards 2023

There are two levels of Award, the National/Country MIKE Award and the Global MIKE Award. A list of organizations hosting their country/regional MIKE Awards is shown below, visit their Web site or contact them directly for more information about application forms and deadlines.

Only Winners from each country/region will be nominated to compete for the Global MIKE Award.

If there is no hosting organization/representative in your country/region, you can submit your national application form (link below) directly to the Global MIKE Award administration unit at which will setup a special international committee to review your application for the National MIKE Award of your country. Application deadline is June 30th, 2023 and application fee is US$850.

Winners from each country/region will then be eligible to apply for the Global MIKE Award, deadline Sep 30th, 2023 and application fee is US$850 (application form and payment instructions (last updated 01/06/2023)). If you need any assistance please contact us at

Country/Region MIKE Award Hosting Organizations

Hong Kong SAR
The Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tsinghua University
Iranian School of Graduate Studies in Business Management and Entrepreneurship (SBE)
Israeli KM Forum
Japan Association of Intellectual Assets Management
Southeast Asia
The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA) - Bangkok University

Global MIKE Award Country Representative

National and Global
Dr. Vincent Ribiere
Australia and New Zealand
Dr John Dumay (

[Click here to download the National/Country MIKE Award application form (only for countries without local representatives otherwise contact local MIKE Award representatives listed above)]

[Click here to download the Global MIKE Award Application Form (last updated 01/06/2023)(for National MIKE Award winners only)]

[Terms and Conditions]

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